Kildare motoring: Great deal on 172 Toyota Avensis at the Crossings, Naas


Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare motoring: Great deal on 172 Toyota Avensis at the Crossings, Naas

The Toyota Avensis

The Crossings in Naas have told us of a great new offer they're running at the moment on a new Avensis.

Customers can get either €5,000 guaranteed scrappage or €2,000 cashback. The offer is exclusive to Toyota and only runs to the end of July.

It’s a hard-to-ignore offer considering you could be looking at a new 1.6 D4D version of the Avensis for as little as €23,990.

A 1.6 Aura Petrol version will be as little as €22,045 and the most expensive version, the 2 litre D-4D Sol has dropped from €35,425 to €30,425 if you had something to trade in against it.

That’s a lot of car for the money. This reporter reviewed the Avensis back in March. It was hard not to be impressed.

Over five versions since the mid 1990s, the Avensis has established itself as one of the best value cars out there. That said, I’m old enough to remember the various different Carinas, which came before it, and they were all great, do-everything, go-forever car.

Whether you’re looking for a family saloon, or just something that will stay comfortable 200kms into a long drive, then you should give the Avensis a look.

In my review at the time, I was struck by how proficient it was at many many aspects of the driving experience.

It’s a handsome car, and sturdy in that lovely way you’d expect an Avensis to be.

It’s very comfortable inside, and is very much up to date on the latest gadgetry - and with loads of room for driver, passengers and whatever you fancy putting into the boot.

I drove across Millenium park, throwing the car around the roundabouts and then came back up along the motorway, which really impressed me, to the point where I decided it was a real motorway car.

It purrs along happily at 120kph, delivering high mpg’s with the 1.6. It’s solid — it wasn’t swaying around on this blustery day. It was quiet and sophisticated.

The world is divided into two kinds of people, I reckon - those who like to drive and those who just see it as a way of getting from A to B.

The Avensis fits the bill for both, especially if you like to drive on motorways.

The 1.6 diesel versions are not as torque-y as you’d expect from, for instance, the 2 litre versions, but given that most of us live in an urban setting, with no great requirement for huge torque, then it’s no great big deal .

It’s still an engine that moves you along at more than adequate pace.

Don’t forget, the deal ends on July 31.