How many Porsches in Kildare? How many Massey Fergusons?

That, and every other motoring statistic you can think of revealed!

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


How many Porsches in Kildare? How many Massey Fergusons?

Only 40 Porsches in Kildare, but 453 Massey Fergusons!

There are more car owners in Kildare than any other county outside the biggest cities. Only Dublin, Cork and Galway have more than Kildare’s 98,132 cars in Kildare.

There are also 2,188 tractors, 15,332 goods vehicles and 2,022 motorbikes. That’s according to recently released Irish Bulletin of Vehicle and Driver Statistics from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. 

The most popular car brand in Kildare is Toyota, with 11,636 of us driving one. After that. Volkswagen are only slightly behind with 11,443. There are 10,461 Fords and 6,931 of us drive Nissans.

Alphabetically, there are 187 Alfa Romeo, 4,420 Audi, 4,430 BMW, 335 Chevrolet, 43 Chrysler, 2,552 Citreon, 733 Dacia, Daihatsu 103, 1,169 Fiat, 10,461 Ford, 2,093 Honda, 5,093 Hyundai, 243 Jaguar, 3,095 Kia, 565 Landrover, Lexus 377, 1,830 Mercedes Benz, 16 MG, 723 Mini, 904 Mitsubishi, 6,931 Nissan, 5,459 Opel, 3,909 Peugeot, 40 Porsche, 6,554 Renault, 103 Rover, 333 Saab, 1,962 Seat, 3,536 Skoda, 16 Smart, 55 Ssangyong, 204 Subaru, 1,204 Suzuki, 11,636 Toyota, 949 Vauxhall, 11,443 Volkswagen, 1,507 Volvo.

Meanwhile Ford, Toyota  and Volkswagen - in that order - also dominate the good vehicles segment with 2,405, 2,026 and 1,489 respectively, out of a total of 15,332.

While the vast majority of the 98,132 cars have engines of a reasonable size, quite a few of us like our large engines - with more than 2,700 driving cars with an engine two litres or larger.

While 50 cars have engines of 900 cc less, most of the cars fall into the most popular conventional categories of one litre, (3,996), 1.2 (3,453), 1.4 (12,774), 1.6 (8,157), 1.8 (3,083) and 1.9 (3,571).

A total of 5,352 people have two litre engines, 1,690 have engines that are between 2 and 2.5 litres and 1,052 Kildare people have the high engines greater than 2.5 litres.

And Kildare’s farmers are a classy lot with 453 driving Massey Fergusons, 376 driving New Holland, 281 driving John Deere’s and David Brown/Case tractors accounting for 203.

There are 2,226 tractors in total in Kildare.

As regards motorbikes, Kildare folk like them with big engines. While 50 people engines smaller than 75cc, 128 have engines larger than 75 and smaller than 150cc.

A total of 89 have engines between 150cc and 250cc.

But the vast majority, 1,755, have motorbikes with engines larger than 250cc.

Honda, with 572 is the most popular brand, while Suzuki with 364, Yamaha with 287 and BMW with 261 dominate that market in Kildare.

And Kildare is the third biggest county for motorbikes after Dublin and Cork.

There are a total of 131,884 driving licences in Kildare, again fourth largest in the country.

These are split between 109,510 10 year full licenses, 12,531 learner permits and the rest are made up of annual and triennial licenses.

The statistics also reveal the state of the motoring industry over the past 10 years. Although 2016 was a good year for car sales with new vehicle registrations, with 7,807, it is still only 73% of where it was in 2006 when 10,651 new vehicles were licensed.

The high point was in 2007 with 11,130, but the low point came two years later in 2009 when only 2,902 new cars were registered.

The numbers have been building ever since, with 2014  to 2016 seeing enormous increases year on year.

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