Road over Leinster Aqueduct to reopen in coming days says Kildare County Council

3.5 tonne limit to be enforced

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh


Kildare County Council says Leinster Aqueduct set to reopen in coming days

The repaired section of bridge

Kildare County Council has said that the Leinster Aqueduct road will reopen in the coming days. 

The announcement follows conclusion of repairs to a section of bridge that was damanged in January of this year and which forced the closure of the canal bank road from Digby Bridge to Osberstown.

A statement from the council explained that the Naas Municipal District is “in discussion with Waterways Ireland regarding works completed to date and further improvements at this location.

“There is a 3.5 tonne weight restriction placed on this road with signage being installed at present and it is expected that this road will reopen in the coming days.”

The damaged bridge was part of the Leinster Aqueduct structure but does not traverse the Liffey. It was on the Digby Bridge side of the aqueduct and goes over a ravine that runs parallel to the river. A section of wall on that bridge, approximately two metres long, hads simply fallen away, into the ravine.

However, extensive repair work has taken place and is complete. And the ravine it traverses has been cleaned out as part of the comprehensive repairs. 

Houses along the closed road have remained accessible for residents with only the section at the damaged bridge physically blocked. This particular road was popular with motorists traveling to and from Naas, Prosperous and other parts of West Kildare.

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