Damage to Kildare’s Leinster Aqueduct bridge repaired

But road between Digby Bridge and Osberstown remains closed

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh



Damage to Kildare’s Leinster Aqueduct bridge repaired

The repaired section of road near the Leinster Aqueduct.

Work to repair damage to the Leinster Aqueduct has been completed although the road, for the time being, remains closed.

A piece of wall collapsed early in the new year, with the resulting closure of the L6005 along the Grand Canal between Osberstown and Digby Bridge.

The original damage.

The damaged bridge was part of the Leinster Aqueduct structure but does not traverse the Liffey. It was on the Digby Bridge side of the aqueduct and goes over a ravine that runs parallel to the river. A section of wall on that bridge, approximately two metres long, hads simply fallen away, into the ravine.

However, latest pictures taken this morning, Thursday, March 22, show that extensive repair work has taken place and is complete. And the ravine it traverses has been cleaned out as part of the comprehensive repairs.

At the time, Council engineers said there is no obvious signs that the wall which collapsed had been hit by a vehicle. They considered the possibility that the damage was the result of an accumulation of a number of blows over the years from passing vehicles.

Houses along the closed road have remained accessible for residents with only the section at the damaged bridge physically blocked.


View of the repairs from the other side.

The damage and the closure of the road highlighted once again how Kildare is so heavily reliant on a large number of bridges, many of which are of considerable age. The Grand Canal and its bridges such as the Leinster Aqueduct were built in the late 1700's.

This particular road was popular with motorists traveling to and from Naas, Prosperous and other parts of West Kildare.

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Repair work done to a nearby and unrelated smaller bridge.