Stones being stolen from historic Kildare bridge

Design prone to vandalism Council told

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Stones being stolen from historic Kildare bridge

Maynooth in former times

 Ten year old capping stones are being stolen from a well known Maynooth bridge and Kildare County Council has acknowledged that the original capping design was prone to vandalism.

Cllr Theresa Murray asked at the November 2 meeting of the Maynooth Municipal District that the Council take action to prevent the dismantling of cap stone from the top of Bond Bridge in Maynooth.

Cllr Murray said the stones could not be replaced but asked that what remained should be secured. They have been found in gardens, she said

Cllr John McGinley said the stones are being stolen and was not aware of them having being pushed into gardens. In a written reply to the proposal, the Council “acknowledge that the capping stone on this wall is poorly designed and prone to vandalism and removal but are not in a position to replace these capping units with a more robust solution.”

The design is only ten years old.

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Speaking to members, area engineer, Jonathan Deane, said it was not feasible to maintain them as they could be dislodged. “We accept it was a poor design ten years ago.”

Cllr Murray said the design idea was nice and in keeping with nearby Maynooth Castle. “I don’t know why they are collapsing.”