Kildare Carton Avenue ownership transfer suggestion rejected

Official position on Carton Avenue work remains the same as in October

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare Carton Avenue ownership transfer suggestion rejected

Work at Carton Avenue

Kildare County Councillors on the Maynooth Municipal District have rejected any suggestion that ownership of  Carton Avenue in Maynooth might be transferred from the Council to the Office of Public Works.

Cllr Reada Cronin proposed that following serious issues raised by councillors over Carton Avenue last month that  the Municipal District “pursue the possibility of transferring its custodianship of Carton Avenue to the Office of Public Works.”

The Council’s Senior Parks official, Simon Wallace, said there were no plans to transfer the Avenue to the OPW. “If the members wish to be consulted more in relation to future works on the avenue then it should remain in Kildare County Council’s ownership. The OPW do not have the same requirements to consult with elected members or the public in relation to works they carry out. Furthermore any transfer of custodianship would compromise the development and management of the amenity lands adjoining the avenue,” said Mr Wallace.

Cllrs Teresa Murray,  Tim Durkan and John McGinley spoke against the suggestion and Cllr Cronin accepted the report of Mr Wallace.

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Work around the Avenue proved controversial recently.

Last month, councillors in the Maynooth Municipal District  threatened legal action over two new pathways joining historic Carton Avenue to the new Limetree housing development. They passed motions, including asking for the work to be undone.

Officials insist they did done nothing wrong in giving permission and the work was agreed in the Local Area Plan but condemned the work and asked that it be undone.  Officials said they have no authority to do that under the law saying it was being carried out “substantially in accordance with the planning permission granted and the approved compliance details.”

Members were told at the November 2 meeting that a tree survey will be done on the Carton Avenue trees and adjoining amenity lands with replanting if necessary.

They were also informed that they will there would be public consultation over any significant works altering the Avenue. If the work was carried out as a condition of of a planning permission there would be no public consultation but the members would be informed in advance of the works.

Cllr Naoise O’Cearuil asked what action the Council had taken to enact the motions passed, against the advice of officials,  at their October meeting.

Director of Services, Sonya Kavanagh, said that officials had acted within the law and could not agree with the motions, which called for the work to be undone. They “could not and would not enact the said motions.”

Ms Kavanagh said: “This position remains unchanged.”