UPDATED: Naas has run out of dog poop bags

Supplies are on the way........today

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara



Naas has run out of dog poop bags

The lake at Ballymore Road, Naas

Poop bags used to collect dog dirt in public areas are to be restored in public areas in the Naas area.

Some visitors to amenity areas like Monread Park and the lakes near the Naas Hospital have complained that the bag dispensers have been empty for some weeks.

Kildare County Council said it has not decided to discontinue making the bags available.

It’s understood that a technical hitch beyond KCC’s control led to a delay in providing the bags.

However the issue has been resolved and it’s expected that a delivery of dog foul bags will be made today.

A number of local councillors, notably Carmel Kelly (FF) and Fintan Brett (FG), have called on KCC to introduce new measures to tackle the problem of dog fouling in the area.


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