Street cleaning hasn't gone pear shaped in Naas


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Street cleaning hasn't gone pear shaped in Naas

Decaying fruit on the main street in Naas

Kildare County Council says it cleans up fruit from a section of the footpath at South Main Street in Naas.

Pears trees located on the street close to the courthouse are an attractive feature of the streetscape.

However fruit falls from the  trees and decays on the pavement, creating a potential slip hazard for pedestrians for a time in autumn.

KCC said the footpaths on the main street are swept daily, removing any material such as pears and leaves.

The council added: “Unfortunately, street trees do produce fruit which is important for wildlife and biodiversity and which sometimes ends up on the footpath for a short period each year.”

KCC also stated it has no plans to remove the trees.