REVEALED: This is the number of Kildare gardaí injured on duty since 2008

Figures released to the Leader

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


REVEALED: This is the number of Kildare gardaí injured on duty since 2008

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Eight gardaí have been injured while on duty in Kildare so far this year, according to figures obtained by the Leinster Leader under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

The information also revealed that 115 gardaí have been injured in the county while on working since 2008.

Figures were obtained from 2008 up until August 2017, for the three garda districts — Kildare, Naas and Leixlip.

Speaking on behalf of the Kildare Chief Superintendent, Supt. Declan McCarthy, said the figures aren’t alarming.

“You’re dealing with an organisation that has over 300 employees and it’s a dynamic working environment, which would include physical confrontation, injuries during pursuits, road traffic collisions, the usual slips, trips and falls which I would imagine they’d count for about a quarter, and unfortunately assaults.

“Given the numbers of people and the interactions we would be involved in, no I don’t consider it alarming,” he said.

“We’re well aware of the risks. It’s not every job, when you’re going out, that you actually have to put on a ballistic vest or a stab-proof vest so I suppose members at all times are very conscious that they are putting their personal safety on the line", Supt. McCarthy added.

Figures were first sought from 2006, but An Garda Siochana said the start date for the provision of records, as set out in Section 2(1) of the FOI Act is April 21, 2008.

On that basis, the force could not provide information for 2006 and 2007. October seems to be the most dangerous month for gardai on the beat, with 16 members of the force injured in that month since 2008.

In 2008, five were injured in total, in 2009 this figure rose to ten, while in 2010, there was a further increase to 14. This dropped to 13 in 2011, 15 in 2012, nine in 2013, and 16 in 2014. There were further decreases in 2015 and 2016, with 13 and 12 injuries respectively.

“I’m not sure of the nature of all of them but I know that a reasonable amount of them would be directly as a result of assault,” Supt. McCarthy concluded.