Top marks for Leaving Cert student Mark Glynn from Newbridge

Over 2,000 Kildare students received results today

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard



Straight H1's for top Leaving Cert student Mark Glynn from Newbridge

Mark Glynn from Newbridge

Newbridge student Mark Glynn received one of the highest Leaving Certificate results in the county this morning.

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The Patrician Secondary School pupil received 7 H1's, an 01 in English and a massive 625 points.

"I'm really happy, it was a lot of work but I never really thought I'd get it to be honest", said an ecstatic Mark.

Mark thought English was his hardest exam.

"I dropped to ordinary English in the end because I thought there was no point wasting my time but they were all kind of tough, they all had little challenges", he added.

"Maths has always been my strong point so I was really happy with that."

Mark is now hoping to go on and study medicine in UCD.