Kildare County Council takes a stand against dog poo

Celbridge Leixlip Municipal District launches campaign

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Kildare County Council takes a stand against dog poo

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A new campaign urging dog owners to act responsibly when it comes to dog fouling was launched by Kildare County Council in Celbridge today.

It has identified a number of areas in each of the municipal districts where many people walk their dogs. These areas will have a temporary audio warning device installed to remind dog owners of their responsibilities, and some additional signage with the “Any Bag Any Bin” message will also be installed.

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The first area to be chosen in the Celbridge Leixlip Municipal District is the grounds of Castletown House, a route frequented by many dog owners. The OPW fully supports this initiative and welcomes dog owners once they keep their dog under effectual control and clean up after the dog also

Dara Wyer, Environment Awareness Officer with the council said: “Most dog owners are aware that dog fouling is against the law and that they are responsible for cleaning up after their dog when in public areas. However, some still think it isn’t an issue, so we are asking all dog owners to remember 'Any Bag any Bin' - in other words, if you bring the dog for a walk, bring a small bag with you to clean up after it, and put the bag either in a litter bin or bring it home.

"Not only is dog fouling an offence under the Litter Pollution Act, it is also a public health issue as dog waste carries pathogens that are harmful, particularly for children who come into contact with it.”

The council said dog fouling has become more of an issue in the last few years, for the public in general, as well as residents associations, Tidy Towns and other community groups.