Naas court hears allegation daughter would wake to find father sexually assaulting her

Jury heard harrowing details of 29 similar allegations


Naas court hears allegation daughter would wake to find father sexually assaulting her

The case was heard at Naas Circuit Court today.

The trial of a man who is accused of 29 counts of sexual assault against his daughter has heard allegations from her that he would pull her pajamas down while she slept and that she would allegedly wake to find that he was digitally penetrating her.

The trial opened before Judge Seán Ó Donobháin at Naas Circuit Court this morning, Tuesday, April 17. The defendant has denied all of the charges against him.

The charges allegedly relate to a period of almost two years which was more than a decade ago — although one of the charges alleges that a sexual assault occurred more recently, in 2013. The victim was a young teenager at the time.

Counsel for the prosecution Paul Murray lead the alleged victim, who is now a young woman, through her evidence.

In harrowing evidence, where the woman was frequently in distress, she outlined a number of occasions when she was watching her favourite television programme and would fall asleep, before waking to find her father allegedly feeling her genital area with his hand, and inserting his fingers into her. On one occasion she alleged that she had fallen asleep in the sitting room of the house and woke to find him licking her genitals and penetrating her with his tongue.

The woman found it hard to speak during her evidence, on occasion asking the prosecuting counsel if it was necessary to keep giving precise details of what had allegedly occurred. He replied that unfortunately it was, but she was reassured that she could take a break if she wished.

The jury also heard evidence that the defendant would treat the alleged victim differently, buying her expensive gifts.

Cross examination of the alleged victim has begun and will resume in the morning. Counsel for the defendant has tried to establish precise details of dates, which has proven difficult given the passage of time.

It is alleged that the man, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of his daughter, the alleged victim, was in a relationship with her mother for some time, but that has now ended. The couple had bought a house in County Kildare just prior to the period that the alleged assaults began.

It is alleged that all but one of the alleged assaults occurred there.

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