Man faces 29 charges of sexual assault on daughter in Kildare court

Case to be heard at Naas Circuit Court this week

Leader reporter


Leader reporter


Man faces 29 charges of sexual assault on daughter in Kildare court

The case will be heard in Naas

A man who will go on trial this week at Naas Circuit Court faces charges of 29 counts of sexual assault against his daughter.

The charges allegedly relate to a period of almost two years which was more than a decade ago — although one of the charges alleges that a sexual assault occurred more recently, in 2013.

The man appeared at Naas Circuit Court last Friday morning, April 13, and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

It is alleged that the man, who cannot be identified to protect the identity of his daughter, the alleged victim, was in a relationship with her mother for some time, but that has now ended.

It was tempestuous, Paul Murray, counsel for the prosecution told a jury of nine women and three men last Friday morning.

The couple had bought a house in County Kildare prior to the period that the alleged assaults began. It is alleged that all but one of the alleged assaults occurred there.

Counsel said the alleged assaults ended when the defendant’s former partner moved out of the house with her children.

He told the jury that it will be alleged by the prosecution that the assaults involved touching, fondling and licking the alleged victim’s genital area and her breasts without her consent.

The defendant is a successful professional now living and working in Dublin. He has denied all 29 charges.