Free interrail tickets around Europe for Kildare students

Students encouraged to take part in initiative

Leader Reporter


Leader Reporter


Free interrail tickets around Europe for Kildare students

Students will be able to travel by train in France and other countries for free under EU scheme. PICTURE: Pixabay

Students from Kildare and other parts of Ireland are being encouraged to take advantage of free interrail tickets being offered by the EU to travel around Europe during the summer.

The scheme allows young people to apply for one of 20,000 free interrail tickets once they turn 18. This project, initiated by the European Parliament, provides a unique opportunity for young Irish people to explore Europe over a period of up to three weeks at a time of their choosing.

Interrail tickets can cost upwards of €300 depending on the length of journey, so this is a tremendous initiative for any young person to apply for.

Ireland South MEP, Liadh Ní Riada sits on the Culture and Education Committee

“This initiative will be of huge financial assistance and make travel much more affordable for young people in Ireland.

More details on how and when the scheme will be launched are due in March.

"My office is open to anyone interested in applying for tickets once the scheme is launched. Happy travelling.”