10 things not to buy your Kildare dad for Father's Day

Show you really care!

Conor McHugh


Conor McHugh



10 things not to buy your Kildare dad for Father's Day

Just stay away from the socks.

1. Socks - a man he may be, but even the most undomesticated males can buy socks for themselves. (In Lidl like everyone else).

2. Boxers - see above. And also, a man can take care of this stuff himself.

3. Shaving stuff - you probably don’t know what type gel/foam he uses and it’ll only leave his face looking like a raw pizza.

4. A book on trains - Because, like, why?

5. A ticket to the opera - Lookit, the man wants peace and quiet and not having to get  dressed up.

Just think it through first!

6. A pair of slippers - not THAT peaceful!

7. Some hobby you’d like to see him take up - why do you feel the need to change the poor man at this hour of his life? Today is not the day to be bothering the poor divil with your silly notions!

8. DVD of some godawful rosemantic movie - I thought the whole point of this was to demonstrate your affection for your dear old dad?!

9. Substandard cheap power tools - if he’s into his DIY, he knows cheap crap when he sees it! If he's not, what's the point?

10. A scarf - it’s the middle of June for Godsake! And anyway, that’s the Christmas one!