Newbridge mum pleads for help for son who is battling cancer

Fundraising page set up for Cónan

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Newbridge mum pleads for help for son who is battling cancer

Cónal Kelly

A Newbridge mum has issued a desperate plea for help for her 29-year-old son, who has been diagnosed with a rare form of oesophageal cancer.

Mairead Kelly and her family have launched a fundraising drive to pay for Cónan’s cancer treatment in Germany.

“He had been sick for the past two years but they didn’t get to the bottom of it here,” said Mairead.

“He went to Germany to work and started a job in April. He was still feeling ill, he ended up in A and E, and within five weeks he was diagnosed over there.”

The devastated mum of three, who lives in Lakeside Park, explained how German doctors found an 8cm tumour in his stomach. Cónan is due to start his first session of chemotherapy on June 22.

“He is generally a happy go lucky guy and he is trying to stay up beat, but it is hard. He has a three year old daughter and she can’t understand what is happening,” said Mairead.

The former St Conleth’s Community College student is not covered by private medical insurance and his family have set up an online fundraising drive at

The Kellys also plan on holding a number of fundraisers locally.

Mairead believes the delay in a diagnosis of her son’s condition may have been prompted by his age.

“That’s what annoys me more than anything. Cancer doesn’t discriminate on age. There is always someone outside the age bracket,” she said.

She said not being able to go out to Germany and be with him is one of the hardest things to cope with.

“Just to be there and to be able to give him a hug, would mean the world,” she said.

Cónan, who is a test engineer, hopes to hold on to his job while getting treatment for this life threatening disease.