Kildare is abuzz with birds of prey

'Pet Rescue' with Kildare Animal Foundation

Dan Donoher, Kildare Animal Foundation


Dan Donoher, Kildare Animal Foundation


Kildare is abuzz with birds of prey

One of the birds rescued by Kildare Animal Foundation's Wildlife Unit

Birds of prey were the order of the day at Kildare Animal Foundation recently. We admitted nearly one every 24 hours over the space of a week.

Our newest arrival was admitted on Sunday evening of the weekend before last.

We received the call about a bird of prey that was stuck in a field and was barely able to fly. It was reported as having been there for over two days.

A member of volunteer wildlife response team was able to attend to the bird. After a search, and a bit of running around, the young buzzard was contained and transported to the shelter.

Our two Sunday volunteers were ready and waiting to assess the bird and treat it.

With birds of prey there are a few main reasons why they end up with us — they have been hit by a vehicle, hit a power/phone line, poisoned/shot or are starving.

All our trained wildlife rehabilitators could find wrong with this bird was a broken toe, which was a possible old injury and that he was quiet.

He was given fluids and some pain relief and kept quiet for the night.

The following morning he was much brighter and was sent to the vets for further assessment and x-rays.

Our bird of prey count, as I write my column, stands at a grand total of 15. That’s six buzzards, three kestrels, three long-eared owls, two sparrow hawks and a barn owl.

All needing specialist care and feeding. That’s as well as the other 140 or so dogs, cats, sheep, goats and wildlife. With so many mouths to feed, medicate, clean, exercise, groom etc it can be endless work. We really rely on our volunteers, and without their pure passion, determination and get up and go we would not be able to do the amazing work that we do here.

They are truly worth their weight in gold. We are always looking for new volunteer to add to our team so if you are interested at all please do let us know.

Cats and More Cats

We still have lots of beautiful adult cats and kittens looking for new homes. All are neutered, vaccinated, health checked and waiting to be adopted. If you are looking to offer one a home please do call us for more information or visit the shelter during our visiting hours.

Our storage units for old newspapers are full and we will not be able to fit any more in for a few weeks. If you do collect those for us, please do hold onto them for a few weeks and we can start taking them again.

Kildare Animal Foundation, located outside Kildare town, is a voluntary organisation that provides a safe haven for neglected or abused animals. Tel: 045 522929, email or log on to All donations welcome.