A fleet of foxes arrive at Kildare Animal Foundation

'Pet Rescue' with Dan Donoher from Kildare Animal Foundation

Dan Donoher, Kildare Animal Foundation


Dan Donoher, Kildare Animal Foundation



A fleet of foxes arrive at Kildare Animal Foundation

One of the young foxes rescued by Kildare Animal Foundation

Dan Donoher writes the weekly 'Pet Rescue' column with the Leinster Leader

As all our readers and friends will know by now, we love foxes here at the shelter. We love all animals really, and believe that all deserve a second chance at life, be it domestic or wild.

We are honoured to be able to help them all. Recently, on the same day, we took in two young foxes. They were both very ill, but for different reasons, yet both had that life in their eyes — that spark that tells us that these animals are not ready to give up and they will fight for their lives. We just need to give them some help and support their recovery.

The first young fox was a male. He was found by a lady who worked in a playschool.

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While opening up early in the morning she noticed him caught in a fence. He tried to jump over it and ended up getting all four legs caught. You really couldn’t even do it if you tried. It amazes me sometimes the pickles that some animals get themselves into.

One of our volunteer wildlife response team members was in the area at the time and was able to go on the call. She was able to release the fox from the fence and get him to the vets.

Many people think that it would be ok to just release the animal after freeing it, but even if nothing is broken and the animal seems ok you should not release them.

They get restricting injuries and this can lead to the lower limb or limbs dying off due to the lack of circulation of the blood.

The vets have placed him on antibiotics and pain relief and will recheck his legs in a week’s time.

The second fox was reported directly to a volunteer after their friend spotted a young female fox suffering from mange and who had a large sore on her rump.

We set a trap and got her to the vets. There they were able to treat her mange and stitch up the wound as much as possible, but still it was a large open wound.

It will take many weeks of veterinary treatment and care from our volunteers but it will heal and she will return to the wild once more, healthier and well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Dog Walk

A huge thank you to all our supporters who attended our dog walk on Sunday last. We had a great turn out and the showers didn’t put anyone off.

It was lovely to see old and new faces and their beautiful dogs.

Thanks also to our volunteers for arranging the walk and making it a great success. See you all at the next one.

Kildare Animal Foundation, located outside Kildare town, is a voluntary organisation that provides a safe haven for neglected or abused animals. Tel: 045 522929, email info@animalfoundation.ie or log on to www.animalfoundation.ie. All donations welcome.