Kilcock woman wins mum of the year award

Leinster title

Paula Campbell


Paula Campbell


Kilcock woman wins mum of the year award

Anne Tracy, Woman’s Way & Beko Leinster Mum of the Year 2017 with Aine Toner, Editor, Woman’s Way

A Kilcock woman has been awarded a Leinster mum of the year title.

Ann Tracey scooped The Woman’s Way Mum of the Year and Beko Leinster Mum of the Year award yesterday, 3 July, at a special lunch at the Thomas Prior Hall. 

Mother to two daughters, Aoibhe and Emily, Anne was nominated by her sister Grace. Anne works part-time as a make-up artist and cares for her daughters, one of whom, Aoibhe, has Triple X Syndrome, a genetic disorder which affects one in every 1,000.

Anne has spoken about the lack of support for parents with children with Triple X Syndrome and would love to see more awareness being raised about the condition.

“There’s nothing as important to me as supporting my girls to have the best life that they can have,” Anne told Woman’s Way. “I feel like it’s my job to safeguard them, protect them, but also help them to the best they can be.”

Anne won a luxury goody bag worth at least €500 and a Beko voucher worth €250.