WATCH: Naas Pink Panther team soars furthest at Redbull Flugtag last Sunday

Soared 12 metres

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


It's official! The Pink Panther team from Naas with their wonderful aeromotive design of the movie classic soared the farthest at the Redbull Flugtag in Dun Laoighaire last Sunday May 20.

With "a routine as smooth as it’s theme song", the quartet of 19 and 20 year olds managed to go the furthest with 12 metres.

Team members were: Adam Hume, Alex Murphy (pilot), Sinead Robotham, David Mc Manus and Richard Hogan. 

The team was one of 43 entries who attempted to defy gravity with style in front of 65,000 people.

It had been seven years since Ireland had it’s Red Bull Flugtag. Teams from all over the country and even the world arrived in Dublin to show off their creativity, craftsmanship and craic.

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"From a flying Minion to a crashing Bitcoin the variety of hilarity was second to none. See for yourself," said the organisers.

"Many thanks to all the teams who provided everyone with such entertainment. And congratulations to the three who placed on the podium, Pegasus 2.0 with their magnificently sized craft, The Luasers, from Spin 1038, for their hilarious depiction of the Dublin transport system. And finally, our champions The Pink Panther team, with their wonderful design of the movie classic, a routine as smooth as it’s theme song, and, of course, soaring the furthest with 12 metres."