WATCH: Great-grandson of famed Kildare explorer Ernest Shackleton conquers South Pole in a Hyundai

Complete's famous relative's challenge

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Leader reporter


Sir Ernest Shackleton famously failed to complete his trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1916 after his ship, the Endurance, became trapped in an ice floe.

The South Kildare-born explorer, whose family hailed from Kilkea, undertook a rescue mission to save his crew.

A century later, his great-grandson Patrick Bergel, a technology entrepreneur from London, drove across the continent in a 4x4 vehicle.

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He had been approached by Hyundai to undertake the challenge in a Hyundai Santa Fe. The vehicle was adapted with balloon tyres, to spread its weight over the ice, plus a raised body and altered suspension.

The Santa Fe was also emblazoned with the names of Shackleton's crew for last December's voyage of adventure... and carried messages of support from their descendants.

The Hyundai Santa Fe during its Antarctic voyage