WATCH: Kildare students look into increasing use of E Cigarettes among teens


Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


St. Wolstan's Community School students spoke to the Leinster Leader at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition at the RDS, January 10 about their research into the use and awareness of E Cigarettes among teens.

The students, Emilie Donaghy and Grace Carragher, also looked into gender comparison.

The girls chose the project because they were worried about the increasing amount of young people using E Cigarettes, and the harmful effects of this.

The Leinster Leader has a team covering the 54th BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition which is taking place at Dublin's RDS and features a host of Limerick schools participating.

Students from 18 secondary schools across the city and county are presenting at the four day event.

The Leader's team will soak up the abundance of innovation, unique ideas and creative thinking from over 1,000 young minds who will exhibit 550 projects in the hope of lifting a coveted trophy.

Around 50,000 people will pass through the doors of the RDS during the exhibition to get a flavour of the exciting, intriguing and mind-bending projects.

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