Eighteen men from Allen who died in World War 1 to be remembered with special service

Ecumenical service and display of memorabilia

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter



Eighteen men from Allen who died in World War 1 to be remembered with special service

Allen Parish Church

An ecumenical service will be held in Kilmeague Church on Sunday November 11 at 2pm to remember all those who fought and died in World War 1 1914-1918 from the Parish of Allen.

James Durney’s account of the war and it’s permutations within Kildare are well documented in his books, Far From the Short Grass and In a Time of War.

Throughout the latter he quotes MP John O’Donnell saying that ”125 men in the Nationalist Volunteers in Robertstown, Allenwood and Littletown, and 85 joined the British Army”.

There’s no official record for how many joined from Allen Parish although historians agree around 200. The Irish volunteers were given extensive basic training. The Allen volunteers left Ireland with the spirit of adventure and excitement, for a war which was believed to be over by Christmas.

However, soldiers endured the extremities of rat-infested, disease ridden trench warfare. WW1 was the first real mechanised war with machine-guns, gas, tanks and aircraft. These inventions made the war bloody for both sides. Sometimes men left their trenches to cross no man’s land (area between the trenches) to take enemy ground only to be mowed down in their hundreds by machine guns. Official records believe that over 750 Kildare men were killed in the conflict with over 2000 confirmed to be wounded. Below are 18 men from Allen Parish who died in WW1.

Bermingham, Thomas - Allenwood

Donnelly, Patrick – Robertstown

Dowling, Michael – Robertstown

Downey, Patrick – Robertstown

Duggan, Thomas – Robertstown

Dunne, Peter – Grangehiggin

Fennerai, Patrick – Baronstown

Kane, Peter – Mylerstown

Kennedy, Dominic – Allenwood

Kennedy, Michael – Allenwood

McDonnell, Martin – Kilmeague

McKenna, George – Lowtown

Mills, Michael – Lowtown/Kilmeague

Quinlan, Patrick – Robertstown

Reddy, Laurence – Mylerstown

Spooner, James – Kilmeague

Swifty, John –

Walshe, Thomas –Milltown

This is by no means a complete list. Anyone with any information can contact Frank on 086 3158458 or 086 2728644.

Thanks to J. Durney, Local Studies Dept. Newbridge Library.

Further reference see Durney’s books, “In a Time of War” and “Far From the Short Grass”.

Refreshments will be served in Allen Parish Hall afterwards. There will also be a display of memorabilia so bring along medals or anything relevant to the period.

All are welcome.