Heartbreak for Lilies

Late Meath penalty sees Royals win by one

Tommy Callaghan


Tommy Callaghan



Kildare v Meath

Kildare's Peter Kelly

An incredible game of football saw Meath snatch a dramatic win by a point after a penalty in the 71 minute.

Kildare led for practically all  of the game, leading 1-7 to 0-5 at the break, the goal from Ben McCormack, who was forced injury on 22 minutes; one of many injuries with Eoin Doyle, Mark Donnellan also off while Cian O'Donghue was injured but all subs used.

Kildare still led by two on 71 minutes but a foot black by Keith Cribbin saw Meath get the break they needed, Dardis firing to the net and Cribbin off on a lack,

Kildare fired everything at Meath but the home side held out.Final score Meath 1-9 Kildare 1-8.

Scorers: Meath, Barry Dardis 1-1 (penalty, free), Ben Brennan 0-4 (2 frees), Michael Newman 0-2 (1 free), Darragh Campion 0-1, Cillian O'Sullivan 0-1.

Kildare, Ben McCormack 1-1, Neil Flynn 0-3 (1 free), Jimmy Hyland 0-1 (Mark), Tommy Moolick 0-1, Keith Cribbin 0-1, Paddy Brophy 0-1.

MEATH: Andrew Colgan; Seamus Lavin, Conor McGill, Ronan Ryan; Gavin McCoy, Donal Keogan jt cpt,. Shane Gallagher; Bryan Menton jt cpt., Shane McEntee; Cilliam O'Sullivan, Ben Brennan, Darragh Campion; Bryan McMahon, Michael Newman, Thomas O'Reilly. Subs: Graham Reilly for Bryan McMhon (half time); Niall Kane for Gavin McCoy (half time); James Conlon for Michael Newman (50 minutes); Padraig Harnan foor Darragh Campiion (60 minutes); Mickey Burke for Ben Brennan (60 minutes).

KILDARE: Mark Donnellan; Mark Dempsey, Mick O'Grady David Hyland; Cian O'Donoghue Eoin Doyle cpt., Peter Kelly; Kevin Feely, Fergal Conway, Keith Cribbin; Neil Flynn, Ben McCormack, Jimmy Hyland. Subs: Adam Tyrrell for Ben McCormack 24 minutes); PaulCribbin for Paddy Brophy (50 minutes); James Murray for Eoin Doyle(52 minutes); Kevin O'Callaghan for Fergal Conway (55 minutes); Aaron O'Neill for Mark Donnellan (55 minutes).

REFEREE: Derek O'Mahoney, Tipperary.