Kildare playground used as toilet

Anti Social Behaviour

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Kildare playground used as toilet

Human excrement has been found at the Maynooth children’s playground run by Kildare County Council and councillors want something done about anti social behaviour there.

At the Maynooth Municipal District meeting on July 12, Cllr. John McGinley and Cllr Teresa Murray raised the issue of the playground.

The latter sought CCTV there.

Cllr McGinley asked if the playground can it be closed at night to prevent the anti-social element from entering it, if toilet facilities can be put there, about CCTV and a clean up each morning. He also asked if the Council could get the agreement of the scouts in the Geraldine Hall for the use of their toilets?

Cllr McGinley said it was a big problem. He said the Council had put well over €1 million into playgrounds and they needed to be protected. In particular, he asked if it could be closed at night.

Cllr  Murray said there were ongoing issues and “disgusting vandalism” there.

Cllr Naoise O’Cearuil people were defecating there and human excrement was found. “It was completely disgusting,” he said. Cllr Tim Durkan said it was used as “a drinking den.”

Cllr McGinley was unhappy with the reply from officials who said the playground is currently cleaned and inspected three times a week by a

contractor. “During the winter, it is cleaned and inspected once a week. We do not have the resources to extend the maintenance of the playground beyond this. If the current arrangements are to be extended we need greater cooperation from the community to do this as we have in other playgrounds in the county.”

They said a trial CCTV system in Celbridge playground a number of years ago  was not successful “as we were unable to monitor and maintain the system or identify individuals from footage.”

The cameras became the target for antisocial behaviour. “The best solution we have had to antisocial issues in playgrounds is more community involvement.

Regarding toilet facilities, we will contact the scouts in relation to the use of their facilities”

Cllr Reada Cronin said she did not know if the “faecal problem” was linked to homelessness as she could not see children producing that type of matter in front of others.

The Council will return to the issue. Director of Services, Niall Morrissey, said they would look at issues for the next meeting in September.