Naas gardai chase motorcyclist through town centre - twice


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas gardai chase motorcyclist through town centre - twice

The motorcyclist drives through a red light in Naas town centre

A speeding motorcyclist was pursued by Gardai through Naas town centre this evening.

The motorcyclist “broke” a red light in the town centre and veered on to the incorrect side of the roadway at South Main Street, chased by a garda car.

The incident took place in fading daylight shortly before 9pm.

The patrol car, with blue lights flashing and the siren activated, followed the motorbike as it was driven through most of North Main Street and South Main Street from the Dublin/Sallins Road direction.

Minutes later the motorcyclist drove through the town again this time from the Fairgreen direction, ignoring a red light at the Bank of Ireland pedestrian crossing.

And seconds later the motorbike veered on to the wrong side of the street. Luckily nobody was walking on the street at the time.

It was apparent that the pursuing garda vehicle was driven more slowly because there were cars in the area and a number of pedestrians who were about the cross the street halted at the sound of the siren.

It was not immediately clear if the motorcyclist was apprehended.