Free self defence classes for women in Clane and Maynooth

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Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter


Free self defence classes for women in Clane and Maynooth

File photo: Clane

Two free self defence classes have been organised for women in Kildare.

The classes have been set up amid recent allegations of a sexual assault on a young woman by three men in Clane. They are scheduled to take place in Maynooth later this month, and Clane in early July.

The Krav Maga self defence course in Maynooth will take place on June 25 from 8pm to 9pm, and will continue July 30.

IKMF instructor Helen Cantwell will take the class in Maynooth Town FC, on the Newtown Road.

Trained martial arts instructors will take the classes in Clane GAA, for an undecided number of weeks, beginning on July 7 at 10am.

The classes will be coached by Nate Right, Joe Jordan and Rob O’Connor.

“No experience is necessary as we are not teaching martial arts more react, escape and get help method. This is purely a charitable programme being run to benefit women in the local communities”, said Rob.

There will be no memberships, no fees and no obligations.

“We will work with whoever turns up whether its one person or 50.

“The only people that will benefit from this will be participants.

“It’s OK and normal to be afraid but it’s not OK to live in fear so if you have been affected by recent or past events now is the time to act.” added Rob.