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Hanahoe and Hanahoe solicitors making waves in the legal world

Winner of Leinster Law Firm of the Year

Leinster Leader reporter


Leinster Leader reporter



Hanahoe and Hanahoe solicitors making waves in the legal world

Managing Partner, Luke Hanahoe receiving the award

For the second consecutive year, the Naas-based Law Firm Hanahoe and Hanahoe Solicitors has won the prestigious award ‘Leinster Law Firm of the Year’ at the Irish Law Awards.

The Irish Law Awards is an annual event recognising excellence in the legal profession and the exemplary practices of leading law firms throughout the country. Luke Hanahoe, Managing Partner of Hanahoe and Hanahoe, sits down with the Leinster Leader to talk about the Irish Law Awards, their growing practice and their plans for the future.

Leinster Leader – Luke, tell us about the Irish Law Awards. What does winning the award mean to you?  

Luke – Well the Irish Law Awards are designed to recognise excellence in the legal profession, so obviously we were absolutely honoured to be even nominated for an award, but to win an award was really something special.  Particularly when we won ‘Leinster Law Firm of the Year’, which to my mind is the most prestigious award to win, other than the overall Law Firm of the Year Award, of course.

The awards are judged by an independent panel of legal experts from both the Bar and the solicitors’ profession. Personally, it is both honouring and flattering when the hard work and dedication of everyone at our firm is recognised by a select panel of esteemed peers.   

Leinster Leader – And you won this award last year as well?

Luke – Yes we did. It was a big achievement for the firm and that’s why we are so delighted to win it again this year as it shows we are maintaining our high standards.

Leinster Leader – So how have you managed to win the Award two years running?

Luke – To be honest, we have a fantastic team, all of whom work so hard to ensure that all our clients’ needs are meet.  We ensure we listen to and understand our clients’ requirements, so that we can give them clear, solution-based, practical advice.  If you understand your client and their affairs properly, it is easier to not only solve the issues they face today, but also to anticipate challenges they may face in the future.

Leinster Leader – So what type of work do Hanahoe and Hanahoe specialise in?

Luke – We are a general practice law firm.  We focus on five principal areas, namely conveyancing/property law, commercial law, personal injury litigation, family law and probate/wills. We are lucky because the three partners each have their own areas of expertise and this enables us to advise a wide and varied client base.  I focus mainly on litigation, family law and property law. Berna deals exclusively in the areas of conveyancing and probate/wills and Tony, who is a wealth of legal knowledge, primarily focuses on Commercial Law, with a particular emphasis on commercial litigation. Tony is also an excellent Court advocate.

Leinster Leader – So what are the growth areas in your business?

Luke – Thankfully we have seen sustained growth in all the main areas of our business, but particularly in the areas of conveyancing and commercial law. Like all firms we have benefited from the upturn of the property market and the associated increase in residential conveyancing. However, it’s the increase in commercial transactions, particularly over the last twenty four months, that we are finding very exciting. We are starting to do more and more work with builders and developers.  The construction sector is seeing huge growth and with the experience, dynamism and value our firm provides, I feel we are well place to expand in line with it.

Leinster Leader – So how do you see the continued growth of the practice in the future?

Luke – We are committed to developing and modernising the practice in keeping with changes in society, the economy and our clients’ expectations. On top of our continued growth in Kildare, which is our main focus, we opened a Dublin office in 2016 and have seen our Dublin client base increase significantly.  Our practice is based on three core principles, client care, collegiality and professional integrity; as long as we keep to these values, I’m confident we will continue to grow.

Leinster Leader – Finally I note you are also the Vice President of Kildare Chamber of Commerce. How has that helped your business?

Luke – What an organisation! The Chamber has been great for me, both personally and professionally. I would recommend all businesses in Kildare to join and meet the impressive array of Chamber members and its driving force Allan Shine. If you do not know who Allan Shine is, you should. I, like the Chamber, am passionate about advancing the business interests of Kildare and Naas in particular. There are so many exciting and vibrant businesses throughout the county and I strongly believe the future looks bright for Kildare.   

Contact Luke or any of the team at Hanahoe and Hanahoe Solicitors, at 045-897784 or at info@hanahoeandhanahoe.com

Hanahoe and Hanahoe Solicitors, 16 North Main Street, Naas, Co. Kildare.