Road money issue in Kildare Drehid dump objection

Issues with lower cost road safety

Henry Bauress


Henry Bauress


Road money issue in Kildare Drehid dump objection


Kildare County Council has objected to an Bord Pleanala against the proposed Drehid waste facility extension on a number of grounds including the impact on the local roads, but the Council hopes to get €1.1m for works at Dag Welds junction in levies, if permission is granted.

At the council monthly meeting yesterday, (February 26), Cllr Mark Lynch asked that, considering the high cost and technical difficulties of improving road safety at junctions such as Dag Welds, Kinneagh and Coill Dubh cross, that the council changes policy to allow low cost changes, such as chicanes, in critical locations where appropriate, at the request of the public and the members.

He was told by officials that it is a matter of design, not policy. Councillors heard they have to comply with design requirements and that some minor work solutions did not work.

Director of Services, Niall Morrissey, said while they had objected to the Drehid proposal to Bord Pleanala, they have sought a total of €13m in levies to maintain the road network, if permission is granted.

Mr Morrissey went on to say: “We (the Council) are not dependent on money from this (Drehid).”

But he said the Council “will fight to the last”  and “push them” to get the levies in an Bord Pleanala conditions.

In a report to members, Evelyn Wright, Senior Executive Officer, Roads Transportation and Public Safety said that where low cost measures are not achievable, efforts are made to secure funding elsewhere -  planning conditions, submissions to An Bord Pleanála, special grants etc.

She said the design of traffic calming measures on regional roads/junctions is governed by the DTTaS Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets (DMURS). “Engineering interventions are determined by the existing speed limits in addition to other relevant local conditions such as road widths, surface condition and other constraints,” she said.

Mr Morrissey said they were not using speed limits as an excuse.

Cllr Lynch said a lot of proposed solutions were too expensive.

Mayor, Martin Miley, said he had a lot of sympathy for Cllr Lynch’s view but that some low cost solutions have not worked.