Naas Shopping Centre could be declared a derelict site

Appearance of building criticised

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Naas Shopping Centre could be declared a derelict site

Naas Shopping Centre

The unopened Naas Shopping Centre could become an officially-listed derelict site.

The Naas Tidy Towns group believes that the centre, which was due to open almost eight years ago, should be added to the list of derelict sites maintained by Kildare County Council. Naas Tidy Towns vice chairman Bill Clear said the appearance of the centre “looks so bad” that it is unlikely that Naas can win overall Tidy Towns title unless the bleak look of the building can be altered dramatically.

Naas again increased its marks haul in the 2017 Tidy Towns competition as well as landing a third successive gold medal.

However despite the efforts of team of 85 volunteers, the centre has come for criticism.

The adjudicator who assessed the Naas entry this year reflected on the number of derelict sites in the town — many of which have been painted over with murals by the NTT workers.

The adjudicator referred to “unfinished/derelict buildings (and) none more so than the large half constructed shopping centre in the heart of the town.

The adjudicator’s report added that the building does not do the NTT group “any favours”.