Don't raise false hope for 'recreational' land - Naas councillor

Zoning issues raised at Naas Municipal District meeting

Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


Don't raise false hope for 'recreational' land - Naas councillor


Lands to be used for community and amenity purposes should not be identified unless these are already owned by Kildare County council.

That's according to Naas councillor Seamie Moore who has claimed that marking lands intended for recreational use (as opposed to land earmarked for housing or industrial development) can be misleading.

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He said it is “wrong” to mark community/amenity lands on maps which form of development plans — if there is no prospect of these lands becoming available.

He was supported by Cllr Darren Scully who said the forthcoming development plans for the Naas area must be able to provide land for amenity and sport. He said that some plans have failed to provide these lands.

However Cllr Rob Power said the onus should be placed on developers to provide parklands.

Kildare County Council said that town development plans are obliged to produce plans with “policies and objectives” to develop recreational facilities - and this includes zoning of lands for these uses in “appropriate locations”.