New shop to open in Naas


Paul O'Meara


Paul O'Meara


New shop to open in Naas

Naas Emporium will be a new retail outlet

A new retail enterprise is being planned for Naas , focusing on products created by local people.

It’s being billed as the Naas Emporium and local man Paul McLoughlin is promoting the concept.

 A location for the enterprise has not yet been identified but a number of premises are being considered – including in the Poplar Square area.

The Innovation Academy at University College Dublin, which provides held through academics, entrepreneurs and technical experts also has an involvement in the project.

It will stock crafts, artisan products including food, holistic products.

“The aim of the business is to support, promote and represent local start-up producers and artisans in the initial stages of business development. Hopefully it will help to bring back more life to the town and bring the community together. for the moment we’re trying to get the  name out there and get some feedback (through Facebook),” said Mr. McLoughlin, who is a student and researcher.

He said the emporium will be similar (though on a smaller 

scale) to the Dandelion Market, which was located at Dublin Road. An opening date is not yet available.