Call for removal of park benches in Newbridge

Deter Anti-Social Behaviour

Sarah Peppard


Sarah Peppard


Call for removal of park benches in Newbridge

Market Square, Newbridge

Fine Gael Councillor Mark Stafford has called on Kildare County Council to remove park benches in the Market Square area of Newbridge.

At the Kildare Newbridge Municipal District meeting today, June 21, Cllr Stafford highlighted the importance and need of street benches, but that there are people loitering in the area and anti-social behaviour is happening as a result.

“As a result of people loitering, bottles and litter are dropped, and other dangerous things”, said Cllr Stafford.

Cllr Stafford added that it is a busy area with kids, and suggested a different form of furniture be placed.

The Council said: “If we remove public seating I think we’re going backwards but if an alternative form needs to be put in we’ll look into it”.

A report furnished at the meeting said that it is a matter for the members to determine, and if members are in agreement the municipal district office will facilitate the removal of park benches at this location.