Defective minibus and overweight truck found in major Kildare motorway checkpoint

Armed gardai took part

Leader reporter


Leader reporter


A defective minibus was seized and a truck more than 15 tonnes over its proper weight limit was found during a major garda checkpoint on the M9 motorway south of Kilcullen yesterday.

Kildare gardai, along with the Regional Armed Support Unit, officers from Customs and Excise, Revenue, the Road Safety Authority and the Health & Safety Authority took part in the massive operation.

According to Gardai, various vehicle defects were also detected on HGVs at the checkpoint. Eight tachograph offences were detected, six vehicles were seized for having no insurance, one drunk driver was found and two diesel offences were detected by Revenue.

"This is aside from denying the road network to mobile criminal groups. It is all about making the roads safer and preventing and detecting crime," according to the Kildare Garda Division. It said that there will also be several Department of Social Protection follow-ups as a result of the operation.