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Meet the candidates: Sorcha O'Neill, Naas LEA, Independent

Leader reporter


Leader reporter



Meet the candidates: Sorcha O'Neill, Naas LEA, Independent

Sorcha O'Neill, Independent

Name: Sorcha O’Neill

Address: Naas town

Occupation: County Councillor & Youth Advocate

Party: Independent

I am running to help make Naas a better place to live, work and shop for everyone. I offer a younger and different perspective to the mix in council. I have been a hard worker over the last five years and not just around at election time

I invite people to visit my website (SorchaONeill.ie) to see the full list of motions I have put forward to council. I utilise my time in council bringing forward new ideas and current issues to the table. I am very active in the community in a meaningful way, bringing footfall to the town with new festivals and cultural events.

I work with the Access & Disability Group to improve universal access in our towns. Currently working on a new project to revitalise the New Face of Naas called #NaasLift. I also help community groups like Naas Community First Responders get off the ground with fundraising and council assistance.

Tourism: we have some great features in Naas but we are not utilising them as well as we could be. Realising the Greenway trail and opening the Deburgh gardens would be a huge attraction. Getting rid of our derelict sites that hold us back. Utilising the Irish language community here to make Naas and Sallins a Gaeltacht area would be a big draw for international and domestic travellers. We need attractive public realms for our own communities as well as visitors.

Environmental Issues are also high priority for me. I am a Climate Change Ambassador and cofounder of the Naas Sustainable Energy Community. We are on the way to commission an energy audit of Naas and seeing where we can assist both public and private buildings to make energy savings, retrofitting, grants and where possible to move to more sustainable methods of energy.