Census reveals Clane’s youthful profile

ONLY 32% of the population of Clane were born in Kildare.

ONLY 32% of the population of Clane were born in Kildare.

As with many of Kildare’s towns, the above figure, derived from the 2011 Census, reflects the relatively large scale migration into the county from other parts of Ireland and the world.

The Census, the most accurate profile of the town we now have, provides a fascinating snapshot of Clane from a number of different viewpoints and points the way for the best way to sustain and develop it socially and economically.

The town has a population of 6,702 people, of whom 2128 were born in county Kildare. Another 3,233 were born elsewhere in Ireland and over 500 were non Irish born in the European Union.

Clane has 2,478 married people and 3,715 single folk.Just 126 are divorced while 206 are separated and 177 widowed.

Overall, Clane is quite a youthful town. Just 5.6% of the population were over aged 65 or over in 2011. Those aged 18 or under comprised 30% of the population – 2,036 people.

Another 28% were aged 19-34. The two largest age groups are the 25-34 (1425) and the 35-44 (1223) crew. Between them these groups comprise 40% of the total.

Clane has 2405 households. Just 438 (18%) of these are occupied by their owners without a loan or mortgage attached to them. Another 1,211 (50%) are owner occupied where the owners have a mortgage or loan. Another 734 houses (30%) are rented. Of these rented homes, 583 or 80% are rented from a private landlord while 125 (17%) are rented from a local authority. Another seven are rented from a voluntary body and 19 are occupied free of rent.

When it comes to essential communications, 2003 or the 2405 households own a personal computer and just 328 (16%) have no access to the internet. Almost all (94%) have computer owners have access to the internet via broadband while only 155 said they had access but not via broadband.

Work wise, there were 3009 people at work at the time of the Census, but the town had what is know as a Labour Force, effectively those over fifteen available for work, of 3,609. Almost 17% of this labour force was unemployed or 600 people. Of these 56 were looking for their first job and 544 had lost their job.

Of the 3009 at work, 2618 people (87%) are employees and 384 are employers.

Another 454 people, who are not part of the labour force, are students and 429 are minding the family home. There are 327 retired people.

The town has 4975 people aged 15 or over and 1,366 (27%) are not in the labour force.

- Henry Bauress