Meeting planned of Abbeylands, Clane residents

Residents of the Lawns, Abbeylands in Clane are set to hold a meeting in the coming week to discuss issues in the estate.

Residents of the Lawns, Abbeylands in Clane are set to hold a meeting in the coming week to discuss issues in the estate.

The Leinster Leader reported last week that residents were protesting that the rules and regulations in an estate that prides itself on its aesthetics had prevented their children from playing.

This week they have contacted this reporter to claim that a private parking management company is clamping cars in the estate in middle of the night – and people are waking up and not being able to leave to go to work.

The clampers are targetting people who have neither a resident’s or a visitor permit which allow them to park in the gated estate.

However, in effect, they are targetting people who are not up to date with their management fee payments – because permits are not issued to those who are in arrears.

“Nobody wants to be in arrears,” a resident explained. “But times are hard, people are out of work and they’re doing their best.”

The situation is often complicated by the fact that the residents affected by the clamping are tenants of the people who are liable for the fees.

In at least one case that we have been made aware of, one resident’s landlord had to pay the steep €120 fee to have their car un-clamped.

In a letter to this reporter, management company Abbeylands Management Limited explained that they are attempting to “tackle the abandoned cars and the use of the car park by non-residents”.

“With the recent implementation of parking control in the development and the introduction of a new refuse company we are very pleased to say that we have already seen a clear reduction.”

The management company is made up of a group of owners of properties in the development. The day to day management is carried out by Newbridge-based Falcondale Properties, who describe themselves as “agents” of the management company.

It appears there is a split amongst residents. While the owners who are on the management committee like to have peace and quiet in the development, many younger residents, and those with families are chafing against what they see as unnecessarily strict rules and regulations.

“There’s some people in here who think that they live in a nursing home,” one young women said. She said she was fed up living there and that there was generally a bad feeling in the place.

“I normally keep myself to myself. I don’t get involved in things like this, or in AGM’s (of the management committee). “But this whole thing has really annoyed me.

“I have a baby, and if he’s sick and I needed to bring him to hospital, what would I do if my car was clamped?”

In the coming days, residents will be invited to a meeting in Clane GAA to discuss the situation.

“As directors of the management company we have a clear duty of care to all the owners in the development and we can confirm that at all times we have acted in the best interest of the management company.”

The letter describes the hanging of a sign saying that children have a right to play as “illegal” and is “of great concern to us as it may have caused serious injury to residents”.