Opposition to traffic plan put forward for Naas town centre

MainStreet, Naas. Photo Tony Keane.
A proposal for a one way traffic system in Naas has received a mixed response.

A proposal for a one way traffic system in Naas has received a mixed response.

But it’s not provided for in the Town Development Plan.

Cllr. Emer McDaid, Naas Mayor favours of a one way system in the town centre because it would enhance ease of movement and little else has been done to encourage people to use public transport in the meantime.

She said that at peak times it can take up to 25 minutes to drive from one part of Naas to another, for example from Sallins road to Ballycane.

“A one way system would encourage people to walk or cycle; most other towns have a one way system and it frees up traffic,. so far people are not willing to stop using their cars and we have ended up with bigger problems, ” she said.

However Naas Town Council official Mary McCarthy told a town council meeting that the ring roads system have taken most of the traffic out of Naas. She also said there was a plan for a one way system on Friary Road some time ago and “people were against it.” The official NTC policy is that a framework already exists (prepared with Kildare County Council in 2003) to promote “sustainable transportation” with a reduction in the need to travel.

The council argues that this takes into account the needs of people to travel from home to work, school, shops and other services and facilities.

The council also points to plans to develop a public transport corridor to the rail station in Sallins.

It says that if a one way system was approved, a sustainable alternative route would have to be provided for in proximity to the main street and “this is currently not available.”

Town Engineer David Reel said the plan would have to go to tender and then finance would have to be found to implement a one way plan.

- Paul O’Meara