Kildare judge won't stand in way of 'love's young dream'

Jail visit granted

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Kildare judge won't stand in way of 'love's young dream'

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A Naas District Court judge adjusted the bail conditions of an alleged juvenile offender so that she can visit her boyfriend in jail.

“I am not going to stand in the way of love’s young dream,” said Judge Miriam Walsh, when she made her decision.

The girl, who is in her late teens, is charged with theft from Sportsaver in Leinster Street, Athy, on January 25 last.

The girl appeared before Judge Miriam Walsh at Naas District Court on August 10. She had been arrested following a bench warrant, taken to a Dublin court, and remanded back to Naas.

Judge Walsh was told that she had been in breach of one of her previously set bail conditions, which was to live with her father.

But she had left to live with her mother since the previous Thursday, as there was a “parting of ways” with her father.

The teenager’s legal representative said that she had fallen in with “a bad crowd” and her family were at their “wit’s end.”

During a consideration of the revised bail conditions, it emerged that she was required to stay away from one female and all the members of a particular family.

The defendant’s legal representative said his client was objecting to that condition as she was in a relationship with a male member of that family who was currently in custody and she wanted to be able to visit him in jail.

Gardai said that the teenager had been involved in a domestic incident with her jailed boyfriend in his house.

After hearing the arguments, Judge Walsh said she was not going to “stand in the way of love’s young dream.”

The condition means she cannot travel to the jail with the other female, but with her mother or someone who is not a member of the family in question.

The bail conditions means she cannot contact by any means, including social media, members of the family in question. A curfew has also been imposed, requiring her to be present at her mother’s home each day from 9pm in the evening to 8am the next day.