Phil Coulter set for Leixlip Tanzanian fundraiser

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Leader reporter


Phil Coulter set for Leixlip Tanzanian fundraiser

Phil Coulter

Musician Phil Coulter will be included in a range of performers to take part in a special fundraising concern in Leixlip in September.

Leixlip’s Church of Our Lady’s Nativity is involved in a church and school building project in Tanzania.

On September 15, it will hold a concert to raise funds for that project.

On Friday, July 21, Phil Coulter was at the Parish Centre to promote the concern and project.

The church twinning committee is running a building project in Chamugasa in north east Tanzania close to Lake Victoria.

Spokesperson, John Stafford, said: “The church which was mainly funded through the generosity of our parishioners here in Leixlip is in Lamadi an outstation in the parish of Chamugasa and the new School is in Lukungu also in the parish of Chamugasa.”

John and his wife, Carmel, travelled to Chamugasa for the official opening of the church and will be travelling back again this year with five others for the blessing of the church and school.