Cycle lane for Curragh not realistic says one Kildare councillor

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Leader Reporter


Cycle lane for Curragh not realistic says one Kildare councillor

The possibility of a cycle track for the Curragh was discussed at Wednesday's Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District meeting.

Cllr Mark Lynch (SF) said while he thinks it is a good idea, in reality nothing will happen as the funds aren’t there.

Cllr Morgan McCabe (Ind) put forward the motion for the council to look at possible national or EU funding for a cycle lane parallel to the roads on the Curragh.

Cllr McCabe said it would be a “huge asset”.

“There is an opportunity to connect Newbridge, Kildare Town and Brownstown. It would be a significant tourism asset.”

Cllr McCabe added that: “at the moment The Curragh is being destroyed by cars, and it is too dangerous to cycle around now. Something like this would encourage people to walk and cycle.”

He also said that not enough is being invested into the local district and it is important we look at joining towns up in the future.

Cllr Joanne Pender (Ind) added that she thinks using the Curragh for tourism is an excellent idea.

“All around the plains is wasted land. The potential for connectivity is there.”

Kildare County Council say they are not aware of any EU funding for Cycle Tracks/Greenway schemes.

They say any funding would be from the National Transport Authority, who are responsible for cycle tracks in the greater Dublin area, but the problem would be the maintenance funding thereafter.

Cllr McCabe added: “We seem to be very restricted in what we can do”, but will pursue it going forward.