Clane's Millicent Singers seek new members


Leader reporter


Leader reporter


Clane's Millicent Singers seek new members

Members of the Millicent Singers

The Clane-based Millicent Singers are currently recruiting new members.

The choir describes itself as “a fun social” which also happens to make some really good music.

Friendship, relaxation and even an opportunity to tour, sometimes, are the benefits. They even suggest, but don’t promise, meeting the love of one’s life.

For those not so musical, there should be no worry over not being able to read music. The group provides aid to do that.

Informal interviews and short auditions are scheduled annually.

The Singers provide free membership for 18 to 30 year olds and to students in full time education!

This membership scheme to encourage young adults to get involved in choral singing. It provides free membership in the first year (no charge for music, membership fee, stand, accommodation etc) and there is 50% off in the second year. A 25% discount stands in the third year.

The same scale applies to rehearsal weekends/workshops/accommodation for competitions etc. where overnight accommodation is unavoidable.

The group rehearse on Monday evenings from September to May in Curryhills House, Clane Road, Prosperous. These sessions start at 7.45 pm and finish at 10.00 pm.

Millicent perform two of our own concerts each year and make two to three other public performances around Kildare every year.

The group enter competitions from time to time and enjoy a few social nights together during the year.

Membership is €160 per year, payable in two installments or more.