Psychiatric report ordered on Kildare woman who horsewhipped teenage daughter

Woman now staying in B&B accommodation

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Psychiatric report ordered on Kildare woman who horsewhipped teenage daughter

Naas courthouse

A District Court judge said he was quite concerned with the psychiatric condition of a woman who has been found guilty of contravening a protection order and assaulting her daughter, in October 2015.

The woman appeared at sitting of Naas District Court last Thursday, May 18.

At an earlier sitting in March, the Court heard evidence of her having burned her teenage daughter's arm with a cigarette and having tried to twist her daughter’s arm.

The 54 year old mother was found guilty of contravening a protection order on two occasions and one count of assault on 12, 14 and 15 October 2015.

The daughter, who is currently a Leaving Cert student, also gave evidence of having been beaten by her mother with a horsewhip in the past.

The court was told that the mother had attempted to get a barring order against her daughter and her husband but had failed in her efforts.

Both her and her father had been successful in obtaining a protection order against the defendant some months earlier.

The daughter explained that her mother, who suffers from bipolar disorder and had been hospitalised in the Lakeview hospital on a number of occasions, was angry and had come to the family home.

The mother had threatened to burn down the family home.

Judge Desmond Zaidan said he was shocked by what he had heard.

The girl told the court that her mother had abused her and beaten her throughout her life she had seen her mother physically assault her father.

She said her father was a very good father to her and was her best friend.

The mother denied everything that had been said and she told the court that she had suffered years of abuse from the father.

The judge agreed to let the defendant retain her liberty for the time being and he asked the probation service to arrange for the woman to be psychologically assessed.

The woman was released on bail on the condition that she would not enter the county of Kildare.

This was one of a number of conditions attached to the bail.

The case was then adjourned to 18 May.

On that day, Judge Zaidan was told the woman was staying in a bed and breakfast and had moved premises at least twice. The Probation Services were working with her.

However, Judge Zaidan said he did not have a report from a psychiatrist and he adjourned the case for five months to October 26 to get that.

He said that if there was no psychiatric report available by that stage, he would subpoena the psychiatrist into Court to explain why it was not available.