Calls for Newbridge Town Hall to be lit up

Ongoing work

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Calls for Newbridge Town Hall to be lit up

Cllr Morgan McCabe outside Newbridge Town Hall on St Patrick's Day

Following the green illumination of the Newbridge Town Hall for St. Patrick’s Day, a local councillor is calling on the council to look at installing and maintaining a light system on an ongoing basis.

Cllr Morgan McCabe (Ind) said the success of the St. Patrick’s week illumination was noted and appreciated by the town.

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The council said the lighting of the building from March 13 to 20 was carried out as a once off trial funded by KLeisure.

“While it is possible to seek an estimate for the permanent installation of a building lighting facility, it might be premature to permanently install any such lighting (with the facility to switch colours) until the final development works to the front of the town hall are complete,” said the council.

“Any works would need to be complementary to the restoration works, and the restoration works would have to ensure that the permanent lighting facility is incorporated. The occasional hiring and secure placement of same is always another option, and an estimate/quotation can be sought for same.”

Cllr McCabe said that when the groundworks were done, maybe the illumination could be included in the package.