Kildare County council opposes traffic warden near Naas school

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Leader reporter


Kildare County council opposes traffic warden near Naas school

KCC says a school warden at Ballycane Road would cause confusion

Kildare County Council has come out against a move to have a school warden deployed on road near Scoil an Linbh Iosa, the primary school at Ballycane Road, Naas.

Cllr Carmel Kelly said residents living in nearby areas like Alderwood, Oakfield, Hazelmere and Oakglynn also favour a school warden on the Ballycane Road (near the Centra store).

She said the area is on an incline and children often run there.

Cllr Kelly added that the area is unsafe and trucks will be visiting more frequently because of developments planned in the area.

At a minimum, she said, flashing lights should be considered during school time.

Cllr Seamie Moore called for a 30kph speed limit to operate in the area.

He said motorists are speeding through from the ring road roundabouts to the town. However Kildare County Council said a school warden is in place outside the shcool. And because there is a pedestrian controlled crossing at that location, there is no requirement for a school warden.

KCC also said placing a warden at a pedestrian corssing many only lead to confusion, and instances of drivers failing to stop should be reported to the gardai.