POLL RESULTS: Does Kildare think pubs should open on Good Friday?

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POLL: Should pubs be open on Good Friday?

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We asked you if Kildare pubs should open on Good Friday.

It's still the one day of the year when punters are forced to go to extreme lengths to get a pint - by heading on booze cruises, drinking at train stations or simply stockpiling a slab at the supermarket the night before.

POLL: Should Kildare pubs open on Good Friday?

Surprisingly it was almost a 50/50 split, with 51% of you saying that pubs should open on Good Friday, and 49% voting to keep them closed.

There were comments aplenty on both sides on our Facebook page, with some saying that those working in the pub trade deserve the day off. Others said that it was time for this outdated tradition to fall by the wayside in a non-religious society.

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