Dozens of same sex marriages celebrated in Kildare in 2016

First full year of marriage equality

Laura Coates


Laura Coates


Dozens of same sex marriages celebrated in Kildare in 2016

File photo of the 2015 'Yes' campaign bus during the Marriage Equality referendum

Some 45 same sex marriages were celebrated in Kildare last year.

According to the latest Central Statistics Office figures for 2016, 23 male couples and 22 female couples tied the knot in the Lilywhite county.

2016 is the first full year for which same sex marriage rates are available, after same sex marriage legislation came into effect in November 2015.

Of the male couples, 10 opted for civil ceremonies, eight for those conducted by the Humanist Association, with two Spiritualist Union of Ireland ceremonies and three weddings conducted by other religious denominations.

13 female couples opted for civil ceremony marriages, and there were also three Humanist Association ceremonies, four with the Spiritualist Union of Ireland and two with other religious denominations.

A total of 1,056 same sex marriage ceremonies were conducted across Ireland last year.

In Kildare, 1,088 opposite sex couples tied the knot during the same time period.