Attack of the Dragons! Welsh flag flutters at Naas Town Hall

Patron saint's day

Laura Coates


Laura Coates


Attack of the Dragons! Welsh Flag flutters at Naas Town Hall

Naas Local History Group at Naas Town Hall last Saturday

A giant Welsh flag was seen outside Naas Town Hall last Saturday.

But it wasn’t a sign of the early capitulation of Joe Schmidt’s men ahead of the clash with their Six Nations foes the weekend after next.

Today, March 1, marks St David’s Day, and Naas Local History Group gathered in the town centre last Saturday to mark the event.

Explained Liam Kenny, of the Group: “David is the Patron Saint of Naas because we have an ancient St David's church in the town centre. Naas is also twinned with the charming town of St David's in Pembrokeshire, Wales.”

Flag display complete, the group decamped to the Duck & Cup café at the Moat Theatre in Naas for tea and scones. Leek soup, unfortunately, was not on the menu.

Naas Local History Group after the flag event at the Town Hall