Newbridge-based Huskie rescue centre appeals for help

Help needed with vet bills

Niamh O'Donoghue


Niamh O'Donoghue


Newbridge-based Huskie rescue centre appeals for help

File photo of a huskie helped by the Curragh-based centre

The Dublin Huskie Rescue Centre, which is located just off the Curragh, has issued an appeal to raise funds to cover vet bills.

Andy Cullen, who runs the centre with his partner Joanne Meade, said they hadn't done any fundraising appeals since early December when one of the dogs they rescued passed away.

Zac was emaciated and abandoned by his owner, and left in the pound for the centre to pick up the pieces. “Luckily and sadly Zac passed away being cared for and loved by us and our vet who hardly even knew him. Our vet did everything in their power to save him but the damage was well and truly done. We have had three dogs in recently who were very sick and we did everything to save them but one passed away on Monday to what the vet reckons was bone cancer,” he said.

He outlined how the vet bill has risen to €9,000 before Christmas, but he rescue centre reduced it to €3,500, with the support of the public.

However, by the end of January it was up to €8,500. The centre was also to pay €3,000 off that bill but now it's climbing again.

“We need your help. If you can help us folks then there a number of ways you can help. You can donate direct to our vet Vetcare on 014580600 or UCD vet hospital on 017166007, our Paypal or our Dublin Husky Rescue bank details upon request,” pleaded Andy.

“We have 49 dogs here at the centre and all get the best of care and attention but we are struggling. Please visit us and see first hand the work we do and how happy our dogs are even in a kennel environment,” he added.

The centre, which opened up at a former stud at Friarstown last year, has catered for countless dogs, which have been abandoned or lost.