Naas set to dance again after New Year's 'Dab' cancelled

Crowd control fears

Laura Coates


Laura Coates


Naas set to dance again after New Year's 'Dab' cancelled

Naas town

Crowd control fears caused the cancellation of the New Year’s Day street party and world record dabbing attempt.

That’s according to organiser Jenny MacMahon of the Monread-based Kildare Dance Academy, which was coordinating the event.

Plans had been publicised before Christmas for a massive street party, including street performances, entertainers and live music.

The event also included plans for a mass ‘dab’ to a James Brown tune at 2pm, in an effort to get as large a group as possible dancing in unison.

However, word went out on Facebook on New Year’s Eve that the event would be cancelled.

“Its cancellation was hugely regrettable but was caused by factors totally outside of our control, primarily due to public safety concerns,” said Ms McMahon.

Jenny MacMahon of Kildare Dance Academy

She indicated that while they initially expected between 2,000 and 5,000 people to attend the event, the organisers had become worried in the days leading up to New Year’s that a much bigger crowd would turn out.

Up to 15,000 people could have attended, speculated Ms MacMahon, based on their reading of social media enthusiasm for the event.

She says she was advised by local Gardai that they would not have the resources in place to police such a large event, and the organisers subsequently decided to cancel.

“It was absolutely the right decision, even if it was devastating,” she said. The event had been two months in the planning process.

Ms MacMahon said that they will stage the event again at a date in the future. Proceeds from the party were due to go to the Moat Theatre funding campaign.